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The best-in-classall-in-one Web-to-Printsoftware solution forcreating and managingonline stores andmarketing portals.Welcome toPersonalEffectStoreFlowFEEL THE POWEROffer a flawless online shopping experience and high-value services, all from asingle eCommerce platform. Now with uStore NG Technology, you can speedup storefront launch times, tailor storefronts entirely to each brand’s uniquerequirements, offer advanced personalization and even full omnichannelcampaigns from a storefront, or extend your platform by integrating withthird-party solutions.TO LEARN MORE OR TO REQUEST A DEMO this QR code

Superior CustomerExperience Offer Any ProductTypeAt its core is XMPie’s documentcomposition engine PersonalEffectwhich, integrated with Adobe InDesign,offers unparalleled personalizationcapabilities.Both administrator and consumercan benefit from StoreFlow workflowautomation from order to fulfillment.Sell anything from hats and shirts tostatic print items, fully personalizeditems, on-the-fly document submission,labels and packaging, or completemulti-touchpoint omnichannelmarketing campaigns.StoreFlow ExtremePersonalization3

OFFER A VARIETYOF PRODUCTS ONYOUR STOREProducts Types including:End-to-End AdobeWorkflowFive-Star CustomerExperienceStoreFlowOffer both a robust platform for drivingconfigurable print products, along with a five-starfront-end customer experience. UX featuresinclude HTML5 responsive design, exact brandingof store look & feel, corporate-controlled content,preset company shipping addresses, easyreordering, order approval, and much more.4XMPie supports the complete Adobe InDesignworkflow from set-up through preview andcomposition. This ensures the highest qualitycustom printed products, including those requiringspecial brand representation features such ascustom fonts and Pantone colors. Static items, either printed on-demand orinventory stock. On-the-fly document submission anddocument-building. Dynamic documents with fields thatcan be customized by the user, such as anaddress on a business card. WYSIWYG on-template editing withcontent and layout editing. Bulk documents, such as personalizedDirect Mail or personalized marketingmaterials. Packaging and labels with interactive 3Dpreview. Campaigns-on-Demand for orderingomnichannel marketing campaigns withpersonalized email marketing,personalized landing pages, emailretargeting, and print on-demand.

Being able to offer variable products,opens doors that have previously beenclosed. I find clients come to me lookingfor a solution rather than just asking for aquote on a print job. StoreFlow enables meto be creative, to offer solutions that mycompetitors cannot. It keeps me ‘ahead ofthe pack’.StoreFlowJohn Coghlan, Director, Webprint Australia5

PROTECT THEBRANDStoreFlow Brand Compliance – Document templatesare created with Adobe InDesign toensure brand accuracy, colors and designintegrity. Corporate-controlled content –- Pre-populate details for quick andeasy ordering, such as user name, email,department, and address.- Use corporate-controlled defaultshipping addresses for quick selectionand an error-proof experience.- Connect your recipient list to acorporate centralized source, for fastsegment selection. Repository integration for documentmanagement – Order from an externalsource of corporate controlled documents. 100% GDPR compliant6New Interactive ThemeEditorAdvanced VDP andeven OmnichannelCampaigns from aStorefront WorkflowWith its advanced personalization capabilities,fast variable content rendering, extensive productofferings (including omnichannel campaigns),users with StoreFlow can position themselves wellabove the competition to win clients. Users canoffer other products such as personalized labelsand packaging, email communications, or evenomnichannel campaigns, whereby the print buyercan select, customize, order, execute and trackmulti-touchpoints campaigns directly from thestorefront.No programming experience needed; adjustand brand each store, and preview live, beforedeploying any changes. Enjoy full control over alldesign elements such as fonts, colors, and images.

Launch an unlimitednumber of stores at noextra costThere is no one customer with the same storefrontbranding and workflow requirements. Anunparalleled web-to-print technology, based onReact.js, allows PSPs with programmers to quicklyobtain a store’s HTML and code files, and addnew HTML content, new pages and workflows,change behavior and add features. The result isthat storefronts can be more flexible with brandchanges or new requirements. They can also createstores and portals that are unlike any other, withfeatures such as personalized imagery and videoand localized content for the print buyer.Mobile-CentricStorefrontsStoreFlow storefronts offer a flawless mobileexperience. Print buyers can use any device tocustomize their products, review and approvecontent, and track order status on-the-fly.StoreFlowDesign Flexible Themeswith HTML, CSS, andCodeThere are no extra costs for adding products orsetting up new stores, so StoreFlow users canlaunch as many stores as they need, to serve asmany customers as they can find – all from thesame platform. Users can even duplicate existingstores with little effort.7

StoreFlow8We know that to win in the marketplace,franchisees need to transform themselvesand become providers of marketingservices and not just print; this is the visionbehind agOnline. XMPie software andnow its Campaigns-on-Demand capability,makes the drive towards this vision muchmore practical and realistic.Aaron Grohs, President of AlphaGraphics

MANAGE USERSSAVE MONEY Save on personnel costs - A designer isno longer needed for every business cardor legal text change. Save time – Ordering is fully digitized/automated, no need for calls and manualtracking. These labor-intensive tasks,previously undertaken by staff members,are eliminated. Control your budget – Assign a budget andcontrol the spend per business groupSpeed-up OrderAcquisition, GrowVolume and RetainStickier ClientsTurn your business into an indispensable partof your clients’ operation with StoreFlow’ssuperior order-entry workflow and brand-controlcapabilities.Eliminate Errors,Reduce OverheadCosts, Save TimeA designer is no longer needed for every businesscard or legal text change, and ordering is fullydigitized/automated with no need for calls andmanual tracking. These labor-intensive tasks,previously undertaken by staff members, areeliminated.StoreFlow Use Single Sign On (SSO) - Add SSOoptions for easy login or add users to thesystem manually with strong passwordpolicy. Manage users within users groups tocontrol access to specific categories orproducts. Add an approval process for orders byspecific users or groups. Approvers can view order details andproofs, and can approve, reject with acomment, or amend the order.9

BUSINESSINTERACTION Supports split shipments and multipledelivery addresses Worldwide currency support Instant pricing from UPS and FedEx Automatic shipping slip Billing methods: PO, credit card, invoiceand PayPal Customizable receipts and emailnotifications Bill-to/Ship-to tax calculationsIntegrate withThird-Party SystemsStoreFlowThe XMPie platform is an open system forexchanging data through file-based XML and APIs,e.g., the BoxItNow Integration enables print buyersto visualize packaging concepts in 3D withouthaving to wait days for quotes or prototypes, theAccuZIP integration brings postal processing anddata correction and validation directly into theweb-to-print workflow, and many more.10Integrate with MISXMPie users can connect any Print MIS totheir storefronts using various availableintegrations, including Optimus, PrintIQ, PrintVIS,MyVirtualCSR, Avanti, and more. MIS Integrationbrings many benefits, including streamlinedoperations, fewer losses due to errors andreporting delays, and improved cost-efficiency.ADMINISTRATIONAND SET-UP Custom skins to match brand identity Unlimited storefronts with unlimitedproducts Product Profiles for defining globalproduct properties, - pricing, etc. Easy setup, simple maintenance Promotional codes, coupons and discountsupport Multilingual storefronts out-of-the-box:English, Spanish, French, Italian, German,Portuguese and Dutch Adobe InDesign workflow for templatecreation using Guided, step-by-step storefront setup

We already had over 100 Web-to-Printsites using a different software solution,but the capabilities and customizationwere limited. We needed to find a newsystem with an open architecture and APIsto integrate with a variety of other internalsystems and 3rd party applications. Thefact that XMPie software can work withAPIs was a major factor in our decision touse their Web-to-Print solution.StoreFlowRichard Kouwenhoven, President and COO ofHemlock Printers Ltd.11

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JOB MANAGEMENT Bird’s-eye view on business andproduction activities Dashboard for complete control andtracking Activity reports with pivot tables andgraphs Excel sheet pricing tables along with abuilt-in pricing engine External pricing engine plug-in forintegration with MIS systemsTake Control of theSystem and Scale-up asthe Business GrowsAs an on-premise solution, the user is in controlof its Web-to-print destiny. Print buyers’ needs,feature requests, and integration capabilities oftenchange over time, so a scalable in-house solution iscritical. With StoreFlow, users can start anywhere,grow at their own pace, add capabilities, andprotect their investment all along the way.Open the Door toEnterprise-ClassCustomersStoreFlowOur integration with PunchOut2Go’seProcurement integrator enables a web-to-printstorefront to connect seamlessly with aneProcurement application, such as Ariba, SciQuest,Coupa, SAP, Oracle, and more.12AUTOMATION JDF / JMF Compliant Bundled with Xerox FreeFlow Core forprepress automation Imposition, barcodes, pressmarks andother pre-press processes Integration with Xerox FreeFlow ProcessManager

EXTENSIBILITYBuilt-in PrepressAutomationStoreFlow web-to-print software includesXerox FreeFlow Core, which enables storeadministrators to define multi-step workflows thatpreflight documents, automate imposition, andeither submit jobs directly to your digital press ordrop in a hot folder - everything that is neededto prepare and process web-to-print jobs forproduction efficiently.Sell a Group ofProducts as a SingleUnit, with the KittingFeatureWith kitting, print buyers can add multipleproducts to their cart with a single click. Thisfeature can be optimized for repeated bulk orders,and inventory levels tracked for both items soldindividually and as part of a kit.StoreFlow Optional Adobe InDesign compositionengine XML Export Optional SDK with extensive APIs Scalable architecture supports faulttolerant configurations via optionalupgrades Cross-Media upgrade FreeFlow Core Advanced Prepress andAdvanced Automation add-on modules13 LEARN MOREOR TO REQUESTA DEMO VISITorscan this QR 2019 XMPie , A Xerox Company. All rights reserved.XMPie, the XMPie logo, and the slogan “one to one in one”are trademarks or registered trademarks of XMPie. Allother names are property of their respective owners.WWW.YOURDOMAIN.COM

XMPie supports the complete Adobe InDesign worklow from set-up through preview and composition. This ensures the highest quality custom printed products, including those requiring . Imposition, barcodes, pressmarks and other pre-press processes Integration with Xerox FreeFlow Process